Hi Luke, I have had several rides now and wow what a change. I can tick the following: deeper seat, better leg position, centre balanced, not being left behind the movement, better downward transition, free in the shoulder, happy horse happy rider, even my coach has commented on our change for the better !! thanks Luke.


Yarra Valley

Thanks for another awesome saddle fit today! So good to know that our girl is muscling up and therefore needed a wider gullet. To see her become instantly more comfortable after you worked your magic was amazing. Thank you


Luke McConnell as 'Be Free Saddle Fitting' recently fitted both my dressage and jumping saddle to my just 5 year old gelding. My boy did his first ever comp today and won both the dressage and the combined training. I would like to thank Luke for making the saddle experience a happy one for my youngster so he can perform to his best. Thanks Luke

Sam, Horse And Rider Therapies

Launching Place

Thank you so much Luke for your patience and advice! I learned so much from your visit, I will definitely highly recommend you


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